Enhancing Community Participation in CDF Administration

Fostering Empowerment: Enhancing Community Participation in Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Administration for Lasting Change.

About The Project

The Commonwealth Project, implemented by Accountability for Accountability Advocates Zambia with support from the Commonwealth Foundation, seeks to enhance community participation in the administration of constituency development funds (CDF) across four provinces in Zambia: Eastern, Luapula, Muchinga, and Western. Through targeted capacity building initiatives, the project aims to empower local institutions and communities to effectively manage allocated funds and resources. The overarching objectives include improving the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the specified provinces, fostering transparency and accountability in the management of public resources, and ultimately building trust between citizens and government institutions. The project endeavors to create a more inclusive and participatory approach to CDF administration, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members.

Training Highlights

Using our governance training manual we make sure to understand the gaps that lie in our communities
as we trained our representatives

Social Accountability Training

The photograph captures a dynamic training session on Social Accountability. Participants are immersed in an interactive learning environment, engrossed in discussions and activities that promote a deeper understanding of social accountability principles.

Participant Interaction

The photo captures a training session where a participant passionately explains Constituency Development Fund (CDF) guidelines.

Dialogue Meeting

The engaged audience reflects the collaborative spirit of the session, highlighting the participants group work in creating Action plans.

Community Action

The photo freezes a compelling moment during which a participant articulates his perspectives on community participation and action.

Post Training Takaways

“The workshop was excelent ans it provided ample opportunities for interaction and capacity building. Ienjoyed several aspects of the workshop including: Distribution of simplified documents and Participatory Approach.”
Musonda Musole
"What I like the most about the training was how the information was presented. the quality and how easy it was to understand it in our local context helped me view myself in the solutions that our communities need.”
Lombe Musole
“I found the training particularly impactful due to the thoughtful presentation of information. The high quality and contextual relevance made it remarkably easy for me to relate the concepts to our local context.”
Robert Zimba

Eastern Province Training


Supporting, Youth, Citizenry & Community-led Accountability

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