Enhancing Access for SRHR Services through Adolescents and Youth Voices and Participation


Addressing Zambia’s persistent HIV challenges, the project focuses on engaging adolescents and young women in accessing SRHR services and advocating for policy changes. By aligning with regional commitments and emphasizing youth participation, it aims to improve health outcomes and mitigate HIV transmission among this demographic.

Focus Areas:

Enhancing Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Services:

Policy Advocacy:

This Project looks to Implement strategies to ensure adolescents and young women have improved access to SRHR services, including education, contraceptives, and healthcare.

Another aspect of the project is Engaging in advocacy efforts to influence policy changes that support the needs and rights of adolescents and young women regarding sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, and other related issues.

Climate Change Mitigation:

Budget Tracking and Accountability:

The project is also Integrating efforts to address climate change impacts on health, particularly how it intersects with SRHR issues and HIV transmission, to develop sustainable solutions and resilience-building measures.

other efforts of the Project are directed towards Monitoring and tracking budget allocations related to adolescent health improvements, advocating for transparent use of funds, and ensuring accountability in resource allocation and expenditure.