Let's show up For the 2022 National Youth Indaba

About the National Youth Indaba

The predominance of the youth in Zambia’s population coupled with a growing labor force have resulted in high unemployment and economically excluded youths, which if left unchecked, may lead to increased youth vulnerability, political instability and governance challenges. The 2022 National Youth Indaba will therefore provide a platform for the young people to share ideas and be part of the next phase of the empowerment process. In addition, the business community and cooperating partners will be given the platform to share opportunities for young people. Finally, cooperating partners and other stakeholders will equally add their voices to youth participation in the economic development our country .

The Zambian Government through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts in partnership with the United Nations  Zambia and other stakeholders will be hosting the  2022 National Youth Indaba on 10th  -11th of March , 2022.The event will consider the many challenges faced by the youth in the Country while acknowledging that the solutions to those problems are in the hands of the youth.

Objectives of the Indaba:

Some of the specific Objectives of the 2022 national Youth Indaba includes the following:

  • Improving awareness and knowledge among the youth and youth leaders on key Polices documents on Youth matters;
  • Providing a Platform for the youth to showcase and explore their aspirations as regards national development; and,
  • Exploring the role of the youth in the successful development and implementation of the 8NDP, Vision 2030 and the SDGS.

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