Dear, young people lets take the lead in matters that concerns us. Issues to do with drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, gender based violence, corruption, developmental challenges in our country Zambia. These but a few issues should be of our great concern.

We should not be frontliners of violence, corruption,drug abuse but we should be advocates of peace, anti corruption and drug abuse. I believe and i know deep down you, you want a better future but that will never be created if we act with impunity.

See, your life counts so make it count everyday in building that future you desire. Its yours and my responsibility to build and secure a sustainable future for ourselves and the next generation to come. The future we want is in our action of today.

The ball is in your court to decide what action you will take. However, be mindful and conscious on how you kick the ball because if kick it badly you might just hit or injure someone. In the same line, elections are around the corner and campaigns have started.

Lets not act like we have nothing to lose, we have a future to protect. Theres a zambia after elections so as young people lets not involve ourselves in violence. One zambia, one youth in majority, one in unity. Until we create the future we envision we shouldn’t stop.


Ching’embu Kanyiso – (MAN OF INSPIRATION)

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