There is something i believe we don’t really get especially us as developing countries when it comes to development. Development is change but not all change is development.

We can build roads, malls and so on. All this is change not so? but does this change mean development? Well, development is one key aspect in my view if we are to experience it we should understand it critically and intentionally.

See, the way China developed can’t be how we as Zambia can. Yes learning from china is vital but how it will occur in Zambia i bet it differs or will differ. In this sense, understanding it in our context as Zambia should be something to be desired.

In my field of study regarding development. I have learnt that development is multifaceted, meaning it has to encompass all the aspects including the political, social, economic to mention the obvious. In other words, one change in the political aspect isn’t development but is a process towards it.

Even so, real development has to be narrowed and done to human welfare enhancement. In this view, we can see change in almost or all aspects I have mentioned above. However, if it doesn’t trickle down to mass who are mostly the marginalized then it isn’t development although viewed as change.

Development in this sense should be about addressing the key issues affecting people especially the poor who in majority live in rural settings.



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