“SUSTENANCE” the missing link

We are now, living in an era were many people are expecting to get things instantly. Because of this, many want fast cash, cars, estates, etc. In the same line, if you take a look around, you will see this trend; bola betting, cadrism as means to make money or make it in life.

Well, this trend, is an attribute of many unemployment rates in many african countries especially my own country Zambia. Now, the plight of this trend, is that, its a game of chance especially for bola betting which makes people feel like they are winning, when in fact they are not. As the money they put in, is far much, what they get as wins.

Even, when they win as expected, the money they get finishes in a flash like it wasn’t deserved one may say. This trend actually perpertutes because of one thing, many lack sustenance. See, anything you get either money or a job if you are not developed adequately to sustain that money or job you will lose it, trust me.

See, the problem you have right now, isn’t because you were bewitched thats why you lost that money, girlfriend or boyfriend, house, job No. The reason is you lacked the capacity to sustain what you have acquired. The money you lost is because of your financial indiscipline. Same thing with losing your partner you lacked the impetus of sustenance.

Stop thinking you will have instant results, grow to sustain the fruits ahead first. For how can you wear a 10 sized shoe when you are size 4 and expect to sustain it? You can’t, you will lose the shoe if you wear. Unless you grow in the required size will you enjoy the fruits of that shoe. Now, that you have been empowered go into the world, realizing that whatever you desire can be achieved yes but lost if you lack sustenance.

Until, i write to you again. Remember, that, “anything you get before you personally develop, you will lose. For growth brings sustenance.” See you on the other side of possibilities – MAN OF INSPIRATION☺️

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